ACTA, the document!

I found this link on an anti-ACTA site. It claims that this is the May 2011 FINAL DRAFT of ACTA. We shall have to wait and see if that is true. But here is the link. I haven’t been able to read it yet, but I will post on it once I have.

Click Here for the draft of ACTA

Please tell me what you think folks! And if ACTA offends your senses, take it up with your Representatives in the US Government!


2 comments on “ACTA, the document!

  1. Why should we coddle the liberal media who don’t repsect America? Let them use advertizing, and while they are at it, let’s drop this HDTV fiasco and return to regular antenna TV.

    • The point of ACTA is to reduce pirating by strengthening the punishments for it, internationally. the problem is that ACTA has too many ways of being abused, with absolutely no external oversight. The media protects their interests, and we have to make sure every obscure Intellectual Property Rights law in existence. That is ACTA. That is wrong.

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