These three bills and actions are only one reason for my call for a revolution.  The US Government heard the voices of American Citizens en mass with a huge online protest against SOPA and PIPA.  They still are going for the same legislation with ACTA, however they are going outside the realm of US Legislature to do so.  ACTA uses a committee that can make changes with no public oversight, although supporting companies can make suggestions to changes.  What this does is removes our ability to be involved in legislature that potentially blocks access to international hosts, kills freeware in its tracks and only serves to protect major businesses and their bottom line.  This last part of my statement was my opinion based on my knowledge of the actual ACTA.  The US Government is also preventing anyone from having most any details of ACTA.  The Electronic Frontier Foundation has made a request to review ACTA under the Freedom of Information Act, and the Obama Administration refused on the grounds of National Security.  What I must wonder is what is the national security risk of the citizens knowing what they will be restricted to, or what the punishments and enforcement is going to be.  We need to force the US Government to hear our voice on this.

Signed – Jon


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