The Rules of the Blog

In future posts you will see that I firmly believe in the freedom of digital content.  So having rules for posting in my blog may seem hypocritical.  The reason for these rules are not to restrict access or censor opinions.  They are solely for the purpose of keeping this an open forum for the intelligent discussion of what to do about the corruption in the government and big business.

As for the rules, they are as follows:

  1. Please keep all comments and posts respectful.  I have no problem with someone posting a disagreement with anything I post, but I don’t want people posting things that will disrupt the blog.
  2. I reserve the right to delete any posting you make.  I will only do this if it serves no purpose in the blog, i.e. trolling or flaming.  Otherwise, I will not censor any post.
  3. All ages are welcome.  Please keep this in mind when making posts.  While I will not censor posts, if the language used is too coarse for the intended audience, I will censor the actual words.

My Rules are simple, but I will hold firm to them.

Thank You for understanding and following these rules.

Signed – Jon


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