I have made many mentions to this web page as a site dedicated to starting a revolution in the US.  Well, now is the time.  I urge you to pick up your pens, keyboards and anything else you can write with, and start making your opinion known to the Federal Government!  Make them hear our outrage on ACTA!  They heard us when we disrupted the internet against SOPA and PIPA!  Now it is time to show them what we think of ACTA!  ACTA was started by the BUSH ADMINISTRATION, but our current administrators are just as eager to get it passed in secrecy!  This is something that we, ans the governed, should NEVER allow of our Government leaders!



Time for the First Poll!

ACTA, the document!

I found this link on an anti-ACTA site. It claims that this is the May 2011 FINAL DRAFT of ACTA. We shall have to wait and see if that is true. But here is the link. I haven’t been able to read it yet, but I will post on it once I have.

Click Here for the draft of ACTA

Please tell me what you think folks! And if ACTA offends your senses, take it up with your Representatives in the US Government!


These three bills and actions are only one reason for my call for a revolution.  The US Government heard the voices of American Citizens en mass with a huge online protest against SOPA and PIPA.  They still are going for the same legislation with ACTA, however they are going outside the realm of US Legislature to do so.  ACTA uses a committee that can make changes with no public oversight, although supporting companies can make suggestions to changes.  What this does is removes our ability to be involved in legislature that potentially blocks access to international hosts, kills freeware in its tracks and only serves to protect major businesses and their bottom line.  This last part of my statement was my opinion based on my knowledge of the actual ACTA.  The US Government is also preventing anyone from having most any details of ACTA.  The Electronic Frontier Foundation has made a request to review ACTA under the Freedom of Information Act, and the Obama Administration refused on the grounds of National Security.  What I must wonder is what is the national security risk of the citizens knowing what they will be restricted to, or what the punishments and enforcement is going to be.  We need to force the US Government to hear our voice on this.

Signed – Jon

US Hipocracy

The US Government recently posted THIS, but they also have been supporting ACTA. ACTA is an international version of SOPA and PIPA designed with no public oversight at all. In Fact, ACTA is designed to do the same thing as AOPA and PIPA, just without needing votes, since it is at the international government level. This is hippocracy plain and simple.

Signed – Jon

The Rules of the Blog

In future posts you will see that I firmly believe in the freedom of digital content.  So having rules for posting in my blog may seem hypocritical.  The reason for these rules are not to restrict access or censor opinions.  They are solely for the purpose of keeping this an open forum for the intelligent discussion of what to do about the corruption in the government and big business.

As for the rules, they are as follows:

  1. Please keep all comments and posts respectful.  I have no problem with someone posting a disagreement with anything I post, but I don’t want people posting things that will disrupt the blog.
  2. I reserve the right to delete any posting you make.  I will only do this if it serves no purpose in the blog, i.e. trolling or flaming.  Otherwise, I will not censor any post.
  3. All ages are welcome.  Please keep this in mind when making posts.  While I will not censor posts, if the language used is too coarse for the intended audience, I will censor the actual words.

My Rules are simple, but I will hold firm to them.

Thank You for understanding and following these rules.

Signed – Jon


Welcome to The New Revolution, a blog about alarming tendencies of the US Government, written by a man who wishes to do something about it.  While I call this site The New Revolution, I am not promoting a revolution in the classic sense of the American Revolution learned about in history classes.  This “revolution” is one of information and I have chosen words and information as my weapon.

I have decided to create a revolution like this because our government is flawed at every level.  We, the average citizen, are never heard, simply because we are not millionaires.  We are not heard because the people with money wish to rule the global market by going over our heads with international policies that the average citizen doesn’t even hear about.  All I think when I hear about the political power of the rich and the huge corporations is that something must be done.  So I am now doing one of the only things I can, and that is spread information like wildfire.

I would like to make some clarifications, simply so I don’t have the government breathing down my neck.  First, what I am writing in this blog is information mixed with opinion.  I will have both CLEARLY seperated so that my opinion does not become confused with fact.  Second, if you don’t like or agree with what I have to say, feel free to make your two cents heard.  My only request is that any disagreements be kept respectful.  Third, this blog is in no way Anti-ANYTHING.  I love my country.  At least, I love what I was taught in schools what we are SUPPOSED to be, and I would gladly make personal sacrifices to see this country be all it can be.  And finally, I in no way, shape, or form condone, support, or call for any form of violence or disruption of business in support of my “revolution.”  Lets let our words and the facts do the fighting for us.

Please take the time to read my post “The Rules of the Blog” for more information about my simple rules.

Signed – Jon